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ARM is Advancing the Way Enterprises Occupy Spaces

Advancing the Way Enterprises Occupy Space

By encouraging our partners to look beyond reactive facility maintenance, we are helping them to make informed, data-driven decisions that improve their occupancy costs.

    From Light Bulbs to Life-Cycle

    It all started 25 years ago in the Detroit area, as two family members worked together in the construction of several premier video stores. Experiencing for themselves the rapid expansion of this chain of stores within the region, the question arose about how so many new buildings were going to be serviced and maintained in a timely and consistent manner.

    And, with that inquiry, ARM was born and has since evolved into a strategic end-to-end facilities offering that leverages technology and data to help organizations future-proof their facilities throughout the Midwest.

    Dedicated to being scalable and self-performing, we have been able to grow as our customers need us to while providing quality control and accountability for the work we do in the field.

    Our Approach

    Our proprietary technology gathers information from each site, allowing for a repeatable, measurable process that helps inform proactive facility decision-making.

    Our preventative maintenance program can shift a location from a 100% reactive workload to 80% predictive effectiveness to improve space occupancy costs.

    Our field techs use proactive checklists to eliminate work order requests and improve overall service processes and client outcomes.

    Our Values


    Act with Accountability


    Advocate for Long-Term Gains over Short-Term Quick Fixes


    Always Put the Customer First


    Affirm Our Quality to Our Partners


    Maintain a Transparent, Honest Nature


    Demonstrate Passion with Humility