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We Bring You Closer to Your Spaces

Responsive, Reliable, & Repeatable

Our offering ranges from repair and preventative servicing for your everyday facility needs to a more holistic, end-to-end maintenance solution that uses data analytics and repeatable processes to help you achieve occupancy cost reduction.

As a scalable, self-performing operation, we have dependable, experienced staff located throughout the regions who are available 24-hours a day for your service needs. Our field technicians get to know the ins and outs of each location, applying their expertise in ways that save you time and money.

Your Goals Are Our Goals

We take the pulse of your facilities and provide you with data analysis and global trends to assist you with store design, life-cycle, operations, and asset allocation decisions that impact the effectiveness of all your locations. Our approach is tailored to each client, ensuring that what we measure is meaningful to you.

Analyze, Test, Measure

Problem-solving is what we do best. There’s no limit to what we can help you measure and improve upon within your facilities. With a live dashboard, reporting, and analytics, you receive Real Time Quality Control information.

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Take, for example, our work with a banking client who needed a pulse check on how ADA-compliant their branches were. Through our digital solutions, we were able to quickly survey, sort, analyze, and report which of their 400 branches were in compliance, saving their facilities management team from tying up internal resources for the task.

Visual & Data Surveys

We’re a resource to simplify your workflow and help you make more informed decisions. From sales to safety issues, review the conditions of your locations in real-time without having to leave your desk. Our customizable visual and data surveys document the appearance of all stores, providing you with access to images and information that are stored in an organized database.

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For a regional chain of fast-food restaurants, we developed a customized store assessment survey to bring them closer to all their locations. Our survey and assessment allowed them to monitor the health of their locations without the time and expense incurred with travel.

Preventative Maintenance Program

We are advocates for taking a proactive approach to facility maintenance because this a proven method for saving money over the long-term and supporting Risk Management Assurance. Of all the major brick and mortar retail companies that exist today, only 50% operate with a Preventative Maintenance Program in place. And of that 50%, only 20% are doing so in a way that is lowering their occupancy costs.

We collaborated with a fashion retailer to develop an overarching preventative maintenance program that has reduced their reactive work orders significantly to drive more efficient, cost-saving performance. They have now standardized this program for all of their locations worldwide.

Trade Buying Program

As a strategic partner, we become an extension of you. As a multiple-trade organization, we can work with you to help maintain a fixed-cost or potentially reduce costs for a particular trade or across all trades that are impacting all your locations.

From servicing various trades for clients to helping corporations with their additional demands when their “in-house” technicians are unavailable, we save our customers time and money. Working with a major fashion retailer, we took over the plumbing fixed-cost of over 200 locations, reducing the risk for the client and easing their burden of expense to increase profitability.

ARM is certified on the following major service platforms, allowing for easy maintenance program integration.